Analog Photonics is developing disruptive LiDAR and optical communications technologies built on our proprietary silicon photonics platform to enable a future where people and devices are highly connected and autonomy is ubiquitous.

Analog Photonics is a Boston based technology company with expertise in advanced, large-scale and high-performance photonic and electronic application-specific integrated circuits.

We specialize in the development of photonic circuits for customers worldwide in growing markets such as automotive, industrial, consumer, medical and defense, among others.

Founded by Dr. Michael R. Watts, a long-standing leader in Silicon Photonics, Analog Photonics has extensive knowledge of Silicon Photonics that is being used in solving some of the most challenging problems in the future for mobility and communications.

Our History and Road Ahead:

AP awarded DARPA MOABB contract to develop OPA LiDAR .

AP selected to develop AIM Photonics PDK

Our Leadership Team


We are a team of highly motivated and intelligent individuals with a dedication to disruptive innovation. Our philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect, while encouraging ownership of responsibilities to help foster personal and professional growth. We focus on productivity for growth and profitability, and respect for its partners. Additionally, the company encourages employees to have fun by allowing creative independence and providing professional challenges that are realistic, attainable and rewarding.


We are always welcoming talented, hardworking, and dynamic engineers, scientists, and business developers. For an up-to-date list of available opening follow the link below.