Silicon photonics enabled.

Analog Photonics’ near-infrared narrow linewidth laser utilizes silicon photonics for low-cost and high-volume production. This laser is ideal for applications such as optical communication and LiDAR sensing.

Tunable laser with control board

Large optical powers and side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) over the wavelength range

Small relative intensity noise (RIN) and narrow Lorentzian linewidth for coherent applications.

Rapid wavelength tuning over a large optical bandwidth (>60nm)

USB serial command control with fiber-coupled optical output

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Why Analog Photonics?


Analog Photonics is many years ahead of the competition to create the ultimate LiDAR solution.

Customer focus

Analog Photonics is dedicated to meet all the needs of its customers.

Patents and IP

Analog Photonics is rapidly advancing phased array LiDAR technology, thereby identifying new intellectual property before anybody else.