Optical Phased Array LiDAR

AP’s Optical Phased Array FMCW LiDAR


  • Coherent (FMCW)
  • Phased Array Steered
  • No Moving Parts
  • Low Cost / Si-Based
  • Compact / Chip-Scale
  • Immunity to Sunlight & Interference

Coherent OPA LiDAR with Silicon Photonics

Coherent LiDAR

Coherent Receiver
Coherent receiver enables shot-noise limited performance with simple PDs

Interference Free
Intrinsic rejection of sunlight, bright light sources, and light from adjacent LiDARs

Velocity Detection
Direct measurement of velocity at every point enables advanced perception


  • Flat form factor
  • No moving parts
  • Immune to sunlight
  • Immune to interference
  • Doppler information

OPA LIDAR addresses all product cases
(short, medium, and long range)

Silicon Photonics

Generate Light
Using embedded III/V chips

Emit and Receive Light
Using nanoscale optical antennas

Steer Light
Using massive array of nanoscale optical phase shifters

Detect Light
Using integrated on-chip coherent receivers

Process Light
Using co-packaged purpose-built ASICs

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