Optical Transceiver Engines

Our proprietary silicon photonics technology integrate couplers, splitters, modulators, detectors and athermal wavelength-division-multiplexed filters into optical engines. The optical engines simultaneously offer best-in-class bandwidth density and energy efficiency compared to any datacenter pluggable optical module with support up to 100Gb/lane standard electrical interfaces. The optical engines are versatile and can be integrated into multiple form factors; 800G optical modules, on-board optics or co-packaged optics solutions.

400G-FR4 Transceiver Chipsets

Chipsets to build modules for data center, high-performance compute, enterprise core, and service provider networks. Transceiver modules available for evaluation.

800G-FR4 Transceiver Chipsets

Chipsets to build modules for low power, high bandwidth density needs of AI/ML clusters. Transceiver modules available for evaluation.

Co-Packaged Optical (CPO) Tiles

Tiles for next generation high performance switches and processors, offering beyond Moore’s law scaling

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Analog Photonics is many years ahead of the competition to create the ultimate LiDAR solution.

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Analog Photonics is dedicated to meet all the needs of its customers.

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Analog Photonics is rapidly advancing phased array LiDAR technology, thereby identifying new intellectual property before anybody else.