The Silicon Photonics PDK

APSUNY Silicon Photonics Process Design Kit (PDK)

When companies use an Analog Photonics – SUNY Polytechnic Process Design Kit (PDK) under AIM Photonics, they not only have access to the most up-to-date silicon photonics PDK, but also get access to a community driving and enabling tomorrow’s silicon photonics design methodologies

Benefits of APSUNY Silicon Photonics PDK technologies

  • Full active, passive, and interposer
  • Extensive component library
  • Support for simulation, layout, schematics, design rule checked (DRC) in multi-vendor EPDA software support
  • O Band [1260 nm-1360 nm] support
  • C+L Band [1500 nm-1600 nm] support
  • 100 Gbps modulation and detection
  • Push-pull analog and digital modulators for low chirp, long distance links
  • Low loss passives, fiber-to-chip couplers
  • Polarization diversity circuits (Low PDL)

Other helpful information to know

  • Please use the current PDK v. 5.0a for all submissions or consult with MPW support
  • The community of organizations who use our PDK is growing. To support this design work and provide information about common questions, we have set up help desk functions. Contact us for more details about getting an account.

Version 5.0a PDK Components

Passive ComponentsQtyCurrent Performance
Wave Guides6Silicon Strip <2.5dB/cm
Silicon Low Loss <1dB/cm

SiN <2.0dB/cm (>1550nm, L-Band)
<1.0dB/cm (O-Band)
Edge Couplers4~1.5dB/facet UHNA Fiber (TE-TM)
PDL <0.5dB
<3.0dB/facet SMF-28 Fiber (TE-Only)
Vertical Couplers2<3dB loss
3dB 4-Port Splitters2loss ~0.5dB
3dB Y-Junctions3loss ~0.2dB
Power Taps (1% & 10%)3loss ~<0.1dB
Layer Transitions3loss ~<0.1dB
Crossing1loss ~<0.2dB
Polarization Rotator1loss ~0.5dB
Polarization Splitter & Rotator1loss ~0.65dB, PDL <0..3dB
Waveguide Termination1Low reflection <-30dB
Active ComponentsQtyCurrent Performance
C Band Photodetector1BW>45GHz, R~1A/W
C+L Band Photodetector1BW>35GHz, R~1.1A/W
O Band Photodetector1BW>40GHz, R~0.9A/W
C+L Band MZM225 and 50Gbaud (NRZ and PAM4)
O Band MZM125Gbaud (NRZ and PAM4)
MZM Termination1Impedance matched to MZMs
Microring Filters4~26nm FSR (Fully reconfigurable)
Mircrodisk Switches4<3ns switch
Mircrodisk Modulators525Gbaud (NRZ and PAM4)
Analog Photodetector1SFDR >113dB/Hz 2/3*
Analog MZM1SFDR >100dB/Hz 2/3*
Thermo-Optic Phase Shifter2Pπ <25mW/π
Thermo-Optic Switch2Pπ <25mW/switch
Variable Optical Attenuator1up to 10dB

*Based on reference transmitter and receiver

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