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Analog Photonics is a Boston based technology company with expertise in advanced, large-scale and high-performance photonic and electronic application-specific integrated circuits.  We specialize in the development of photonic circuits for customers worldwide in growing markets such as automotive, industrial, consumer, medical and defense, among others.

Products & Solutions

Analog Photonics has developed a portfolio of state-of-the-art silicon photonics based products. These devices are fabricated in a 300mm CMOS foundry using a proprietary photonics platform that is optimized for low cost, high reliability and high yield. This family of products serves markets such as optical sensing, fiber communication, free-space communication, medical applications and much more.

Optical Transceivers

Silicon Photonics Optical Transceivers

Optical Phased Array Technology

Analog Photonics’ CEO Michael Watts explains chip-scale optical phased array LiDAR at the AutoSens conference in Brussels.

We are hiring!

Analog Photonics is growing and searching for enthusiastic and motivated people to join its team.  contact us.

Analog Photonics In The News

Analog Photonics, the global specialty silicon photonics leader on 12” wafers, specializes in the development of photonic circuits for customers worldwide in growing markets such as automotive, industrial, consumer and defense, among others. More Information

Analog Photonics, LiDAR

Analog Photonics in top 5 out of 200 Automotive LiDAR startups

source: Top 5 LiDAR Startups Out Of 200 In Automotive Optical Phased Array LiDARs are a subsection of solid-state LiDARs,...
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Analog Photonics, LiDAR

Analog Photonics breakthrough chip-scale LiDAR featured in article about DARPA’s 60th anniversary conference

The past and future of cutting-edge technology was on display at DARPA's 60th anniversary conference. For an overview of the...
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Analog Photonics, Silicon Photonics

AIM Photonics and Analog Photonics unveil silicon photonics PDK

The Rochester-based consortium AIM Photonics (American Institute for Manufacturing Photonics), an industry-driven public-private partnership advancing the USA’s photonics manufacturing capabilities,...
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