Optical Transceivers

Analog Photonics enables continuation of Moore’s Law for processors by removing traditional I/O bottlenecks with tightly integrated optical transceivers.

Inside datacenters, electrical and optical transceiver data rates are increasing to keep up with traffic demand. As data rates are increasing, optical transceivers, plugged onto the chassis faceplate, has replaced long distance pluggable electrical DAC cables albeit at reduced bandwidth density, energy efficiency, reliability and increased cost. Analog Photonics brings optics inside the chassis, integrating with processor packages to enable the continuation of Moore’s Law scaling.

AP’s optical transceivers have many benefits.


Our solution utilizes patented Silicon Photonics technology that simultaneously offers 10x higher bandwidth density and energy efficiency compared to any datacenter pluggable optical module with up to 100Gb/lane standard electrical interfaces.


Highly integrated photonic and electronic technology, minimizes manufacturing and assembly steps. High-temperature operation of modulators and receivers with Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) mismatch between tile components and package.


“Known Good” Tiles delivered to customers, ready to be installed with high-yield with built-in self-test feature for fast in-field health monitoring and upgrades. Fully serviceable with socketed electrical and connectorized optical interfaces.

Tight Integration

Our small form factor optical transceivers also known as Co-Packaged (CPO) and On-Board Optics (OBO) tiles, can be integrated with all processor types such as Switches, DSPs, CPUs, TPUs and GPUs. These integrated tiles reduce SerDes power while scaling from 800Gb/s to 51.2Tb/s optical I/Os out of a single server socket over 1cm to 10km interconnect reaches.

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