Phased Array LiDAR

On a silicon chip. 

Analog Photonics’ LiDAR is a compact, low-cost, scanning LiDAR for automotive  ADAS and unmanned vehicle precision imaging applications. Utilizing silicon photonics and CMOS processing, the lasers,  coherent receiver, and optical phased array (OPAs) are integrated into a silicon photonic integrated circuit.

No other LiDAR is like Phased Array LiDAR.

It's ultra-thin.

Utilizing silicon photonics and CMOS processing, all optics are integrated into a single silicon photonics integrated circuit that is less than 1mm thick. Phased array LiDAR is a true chip-scale LiDAR requiring no lenses.

It measures both range and velocity. It is immune to interference.

Coherent detection enables single-photon detection, Doppler imaging, complete isolation from neighboring LiDARs and complete isolation from the sun.

Complete scene reconfigurability.

Fast optical phased array beam scanning enables directed, full scene or user defined scan patterns.

Affordable and reliable.

The all-silicon chip-scale approach, enables a fundamentally lower-cost LiDAR solution. Because there are no moving parts they can’t break either.

Why Analog Photonics ?


Analog Photonics is many years ahead of the competition to create the ultimate LiDAR solution.

Customer focus

Analog Photonics is dedicated to meet all the needs of its customers.

Patents and IP

Analog Photonics is rapidly advancing phased array LiDAR technology, thereby identifying new intellectual property before anybody else.

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