Silicon Photonics
Process Design Kit

State-of-the-art Performance. 

Analog Photonics is bringing years of design and verification experience in silicon photonics to provide the best process development kit (PDK) component library. The PDK provides access to AIM Photonics multi-project wafer (MPW) users state-of-the-art 60+ verified silicon photonic components such as fiber-to-chip couplers, waveguide routing in multiple photonic layers, modulators, photodetectors, switches and tunable filters, all on 300 mm diameter wafers at SUNY Poly RF fabrication facility.

AP’s process design kit offers many advantages.

Minimize time-to-market.

The verified component library eliminates the time, cost and risk associated with the process, device and sub-system photonic integrated circuit (PIC) development.

State-of-the-art performance.

100 Gbps modulators and detectors overs O, C and L optical bands, dual polarization operation and 1dB/facet fiber to chip couplers.

Model support.

The models for these PDK components are supported by multiple EPDA partners enabling designers to focus on system level PIC challenges.

Credibility through execution.

PDK served many users over 8+ MPW runs since 2016. PDK users successfully built wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) high data rate electro-optical communication systems and large-scale chem-bio and optical sensors.

Interested in Silicon Photonics PDK ?

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