Narrow Linewidth Tunable Laser

Silicon photonics enabled. 

Analog Photonics developed a near-infrared narrow linewidth laser that tunes over the C-band or L-band. Utilizing silicon photonics and  CMOS processing, AP’s tunable lasers are optimized for low-cost and high-volume production. This laser is ideal for applications such as optical communication and sensing.

AP’s tunable lasers have stellar performance.

High output power. Single-mode operation.

It has high fiber-coupled output power over the full wavelength span while maintaining a side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) that is better than 45 dB.

Low phase and intensity noise.

Its relative intensity noise (RIN) is below -165 dB/Hz and small Lorentzian linewidth for coherent applications.

Wide wavelength tunability.

It tunes over a large wavelength range.

Rapid tunability.

The wavelength tuning speed today is 1 ms and will be 10 μs in the future.

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