Optical Free-Space Communication

Silicon photonics enabled. 

Analog Photonics’ large aperture optical phased array beam steerers are ideal for free-space optical communication. They can easily transmit data through direct detection to free-space coupled photodetectors. We have demonstrated up to 1Gbps data rates and optical links up to 50m in distance. Fast beam steering ensures accurate receiver tracking and stable links with minimal disruption.

Free-space communication powered by optical phased arrays.

License-free long-range operation.

Large-scale optical phased array transmitters ensure long distance operation while maintaining a large field of view.

High-speed scanning.

Fast user controlled random-access 2D solid-state beam steering ensures that efficient searching, tracking and pointing algorithms can be implemented.

Eye-safe operation.

Operating at typical telecom and datacom near infrared wavelengths, eye safety is guaranteed even at high optical output powers.

Compact and purely chip-scale.

No external lenses are required for the transmitter. Only a single chip is required, making this a super-compact solution that is truly chip-scale.

Interested in free-space communication with silicon photonics?

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