Optical Phased Array
Beam Steerer

Silicon photonics enabled. 

Analog Photonics’ optical phased array beam steerer is a self-contained module that performs 2D solid-state beam steering. Rapidly configurable wavefronts are emitted out-of-plane from a silicon photonic integrated circuit using optical phase shifters controlled with custom CMOS drivers.

The is the first silicon photonics beam steerer ever that is commercially available.

High element count.

Multi-element optical phased array driven with ASICs and FPGA.

Ready to go.

Built in functionalities for thousands of points.

High speed steering.

Micro-second steering rates for high-performance applications such as LiDAR and free-space data communication.

Random access.

User controlled random-access 2D solid-state beam steering.

Easy to use.

USB serial command control or SPI control for rapid operation. Fiber optic input to user optical source.

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