Analog Photonics developed proprietary and patented integrated photonics technology on a CMOS-compatible 12” integrated photonics platform. Using a combination of silicon and silicon nitride as core waveguide layers our silicon photonics platform is low loss and can handle high optical power in the visible and near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Having the capability to achieve both high, medium and low index contrast is at the basis of our state-of-the-art photonic components while maintaining a low footprint. The large temperature dependent refractive index of silicon enables highly efficient thermal tuning while the low temperature dependent refractive of silicon nitride enables temperature independent operation.


High volume


12” wafers

Visible to near-infrared

High optical power handling


State-of-the-Art photonic components

Temperature Independent Operation


A phased array is an array of antennas which creates a beam of waves which can be electronically steered to point in different directions, without moving the antennas. Analog Photonics developed an efficient on-chip optical phased array solution working from the visible to near-infrared utilizing low-loss on-chip waveguides, phase shifters, and optical antennas integrated with on-chip germanium photodetectors and CMOS electronics. This non-mechanical beam steering technique is scalable to centime-scale apertures and works for both emitting and receiving operation.

Advantages of Analog Photonics phased array solutions:

  • World’s largest integrated optical phased arrays
  • Diffraction limited performance
  • High efficiency
  • Non-mechanical 2-dimensional beam steering
  • Used in lens-free LiDAR and free-space communication
  • Can be used for emitting and receiving
  • High performance using low-loss on-chip waveguides, phase shifters, and optical antennas
  • Scalable to centimeter-scale apertures
  • Integrated with on-chip germanium detectors and CMOS electronics